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Gone are the days of having to wait in giddy anticipation for an initial view of your First Dance until your professional videographer takes the time to edit a polished version!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about a slick professional product to remember your special moment – the magic of your first dance as a married couple. 

But fun, spontaneous footage has it’s place, too, and can be a delightful addition that rounds out your collection of special memories.  Do you remember how the trend began?  It started when the nouveau thing to do was to provide disposable cameras at one’s reception encouraging guests to capture impromptu moments of the couple, wedding party & guests.  Because, as we all know, the wedding couple hardly gets a chance to eat let alone visit with all the guests & absorb the excitement of the day.  But with the advance & ease of access to technology – phones being in everyone’s pockets – bridal couples are getting excellent & irreplaceable documentation of their special dance from a variety of sources. 

It’s so much fun to see how many angles one can view their dance… & it’s especially amusing to hear the comments of those BEHIND the camera as they oooooh & ahhhh about the darling couple & how they glide across the floor in each other’s arms! 

We work with hundreds of wedding couples each year & always request footage of their final product.  We are so proud to see our couples come together, relaxed & confident, and leave it all out there on the dance floor with a sense of accomplishment… together.  Much of the footage we receive is recorded on mobile phones & it’s terrific!  See for yourself & take a look at several real life clips listed on our Wedding page:  https://www.shanekeridance.com.au/weddings-shane-keri-dance .  

So prepare your guests – send out a message pre & post wedding to ask them to take footage of you dancing your First Dance & remind them to send the videos to you.  Who knows, a dear friend or family member with video skills may even put together a mashup of all the different video footage you collect to create a priceless memento of your magical first dance!
Make your First Dance worthy of a mash up… Book Shane Keri Dance NOW to help you make your first dance a memorable one! 

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