LessLearn to Dance for Your Wedding Day. Your memorable wedding dance, one that stands out from the crowd? ShaneKeriDance will create your personal very special first dance, tailored to you as a couple. Wedding Dance Lessons Sydney believes that your wedding dance lesson is meant to be enjoyable and create a first dance that is a significant and meaningful part of your wedding but doesn’t stop there, it’s a demonstration of your love, companionship & chemistry.

Why it’s important to take wedding dance lessons?

There are many different components preparing your perfect wedding day, making it quite easy to forget you actually don’t have a dance properly prepared! And making it special is a statement of love and commitment for each other, couples show this with their first dance, be prepared for your first wedding waltz by attending private wedding dance lessons.

Do you know?  Wedding planning can be intensely stressful for both of you and dance lessons allow you a time to enjoy the fun side of prepping for a wedding, it’s a chance to re-connect to each other and laugh together, knowing you can both confidently dance and remove the anxiety before the big day. Dance lessons are an investment in your wedding that will actually be useful for years to come and every time you step on a dance floor fond memories will come rushing back.

Dance lessons prepare the bride & groom partner for the big day and your future social events like a friend’s wedding or a party, you will find there will be many fun situations by having dance experience will come in handy. 

Even taking just a few beginner dance classes will give you both confidence leading up to one of the most momentous days of your lives.

These dance lessons not only give you the technical skill to impress your guests but connect the bride and groom more deeply in their relationship, helping create some of the most special memories you will share in your lives together.

Perhaps you are looking for a more romantic number or something a little slow sultry, more casual and low key, or you want to get the crowd going, no matter we will create something special.

About the Lessons

A typical ShaneKeriDance class for your first dance is as much about you as it is the dance and having fun, as is it is about learning to dance along with enjoying the moment! It’s much more than just a dance lesson, it’s a fun night out while prepping for your first dance! Wedding Dance Lessons Sydney. Lessons can be scheduled using our online booking system below. 

We are Specialises in providing bridal dance lessons and we understand that every bride and groom are and should be different, thats why we take the time to understand exactly what it is your looking for in your bridal dance.



The only mobile wedding dance lessons in and across Sydney, designed for when you are too busy to get to our studio. We come to you, the lessons can be in your office at lunch time, or your home in the evening, any time that suites your busy schedule. This allows you more time to relax after a hard day of work, be more comfortable in your own environment while learning to dance. We cater to most of Sydney, surrounding areas such as Wollongong, Menai, Engadine, Miranda to Cronulla and in the Western Suburbs we also cater to areas such as Inner West, North Sydney, Parramatta, Blacktown, Rooty Hill, Penrith, Nepean and the Blue Mountains areas and the Central Coast. Learn to Dance for Your Wedding Day.

We are excited for you to continue your progress with our online courses. Thank you for your continued support!

To Book a Mobile lesson please forward an email with your full address details.

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