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Starting to notice some yawning or the old droopy shoulders around the office of late? Need to have stimulation around the office or do something different, bring some fun into your office, or your corporate function or Christmas party. If you ask me, it’s that time, time to plan a team outing or in office activity, maybe you have a function coming up and want to add a disco and dance activity, it’s real easy, just pick up the phone or send us an enquiry .

Team building are great ways to facilitate bonding, stimulate overworked office staff, or to just show the lighter side of working all day and your team members will love you for it, reduce employee stress, and give them the chance to get to know one another inside or outside of the office, see the fun side of their co workers and management, especially when you engane in the activity with them. Team building brings people together, music makes them happy and activities like learning the bus stop or playing rhythmic dictation helps people laugh and  start encouraging collaboration and teamwork. … It’s ‘powerful’ and these are perfect reasons for adding team building, it also gets better performance results form staff in normal work hours. Let us help you plan a team building event day or even in hour at the office that are fun and motivational and watch how quick your staff grow as a work team.

And, you know it, you want this as much as they do , and they’re really going to have fun.

The Million Dollar Question, well actually not even close to that sum, it’s simple and cost effective, so how do we do this? Where do we find that someone? Right here are ShaneKeriDance.

We have been entertaining corporate for over 20 years with fun simple activities, like music and dance, rhythmic dictation, movement, just all round fun. People actually find our type of entertainment very stimulating because it involves both the brain and the body and we do it to all your fave tunes. It’s a win win for everyone. 

We are professional development, team building experts for these type of activities.” If you ask me it sounds like a good starting point for your staff and you, but where’s the real excitement? Actually doing it.

Dancing as a team building activity can give insight into the dynamics that can exist within the team, group and individuals while having fun!

Team Building, is a great idea come Christmas or celebrating the End of a great but difficult Year, also great for Project & Team Celebrations, or someone in the office is getting married, Bucks/Hens Parties work a treat, as do Birthdays, and its especially great as an Ice breaker & a Corporate Social Activity.

We offer Team building and corporate dance classes in Sydney and any locations across Australia.

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