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Currently in Australia Music Festivals are a big hit, so much so that Australia is the World capital of these Music festivals and a big majority are Country music festivals.  Country music has boomed here in Australia over the last 10 years and continues to grow, country music is more modern, influenced by more pop & rock, which has attracted a 

different demographic, a younger audience, but still there is very little dancing at these events, apart from line dancing.  

It only makes sense to start teaching people Country Couples dancing, the big brother of Country Line dancing. We have a huge line dance community and now we are growing our couple dancing.

It’s time to start helping people, letting them know about the fun & popular activity, Country Couples Dancing, a true blue American experience such as cowboy swing & country 2 step. These dance are dance all across the USA and the styles were created just for Country Music.


And guess what?

These dance styles are now being taught right here in your own back yard by Shane & Keri who are now residing in 

Australia. They have been working their way around the Country teaching true blue America couples dancing to the rural areas of NSW, QLD, Vic & Perth with great success, so don’t miss out on your opportunity to meet and learn from 2 of the most energetic, fun and knowledgable instructors in  Australia.

About Shane & Keri

After spending years in America teaching, performing & coaching at Country & Swing Events winning top teacher awards & competitions at these events all across the nation of North America, they are now based in Australia sharing their knowledge and you could be apart of this craze.

Lets just stop and think about it for a minute, you run a business, a dance studio and the most popular music is Country music and you are teaching Ballroom and Latin.  Not wrong! But if you could offer your students dance styles that go with the music they listen to all day, we guarantee you they will be more invested in their lessons, make sense?  

Just check out the American Video posted by Damon D’Amico and see how Country Couples & Line dance work so well together to create fun and energy.

Get I contact with us now and see when we are going to be in your neck of the woulds so we can help you learn theses dances fun, easy, very social styles.  

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