Dance Lessons

Explore our diverse range of dance lessons at SK Dance, where every step leads to fun and confidence. Whether you're preparing for a special day, wedding, seeking personal improvement, or looking to join a vibrant dance community, we have something for everyone.

Wedding Lesson Options

Make Your First Dance Unforgettable

Your wedding day deserves a magical first dance, and our tailored packages are designed to ensure just that. Choose from:

1 Hour
1 Hour Wedding Lesson
A 1 hour private lesson for the affianced couple. We recommend this lesson if you've already learned to dance and want brush up or refine anything for your first dance.
$ 110.00 AUD
Any Level
5 Hours
5 Hours of Wedding Lessons
After 5 hours of lessons, you'll be confident and comfortable on the dance floor!
$ 449.00 AUD
$ 550.00 AUD
Any Level
10 Hours
10 Hours of Wedding Lessons
10 Hours of lessons and we give you a completely unique choreographed routine to a song of your choice. Plus any additional lessons receive 10%
$ 849.00 AUD
$ 1,100.00 AUD

Private Lessons

Personalized Dance Journey

Tailor your dance education with one-on-one sessions that focus on your individual goals. Private lessons are ideal for rapid improvement and detailed personal attention, available in:

Any Level
1 Hour
1 Hour Private Lesson
If you want to improve on specific things, test the waters or don’t need more than an hour to get it done.
$ 110.00 AUD
Any Level
5 Hours
5 Hours of Private Lessons
If you’re looking to improve to the point you’ll be able to attend any group class with confidence. At the end you’ll have all the fundamentals.
$ 449.00 AUD
$ 550.00 AUD
Any Level
10 Hours
10 Hours of Private Lessons
If you’re looking to reach the next level, take it up a notch.
$ 749.00 AUD
$ 1,100.00 AUD

Group West Coast Swing Classes

Join the Community

Dive into the world of West Coast Swing with our group classes. These sessions are perfect for dancers of all skill levels to learn new moves, improve technique, and enjoy the social aspects of dance.

Any Level
2 Hours
Single Group Class
Valid for the month. Choose any week.
$ 30.00 AUD
Any Level
8 Hours
4 Weeks of Group Classes
Valid for 4 weeks from the first class you come to.
$ 100.00 AUD
$ 120.00 AUD
Any Level
24 Hours
12 Weeks of Group Classes
Valid for 12 weeks from the first class you come to.
$ 250.00 AUD
$ 360.00 AUD

Monthly Dance Parties

Celebrate Dance

Our monthly dance parties are the highlight for many of our dancers. It’s a chance to practice what you’ve learned in a fun, festive setting. Meet other dance enthusiasts, test your new skills, and dance the night away in a supportive environment.

Any Level
4 Hours
Monthly Dance Party Leichhardt
Social dancing and fun. We host a free 30 minute workshop before every event if you're feeling rusty.
$ 25.00 AUD

Meet Shane & Keri.

We've taught thousands of people how to dance all over the globe and specialise in Weddings and West Coast Swing.
We are dedicated to making your dance experience unforgettable.
With our secret formula and unique teaching methods, we guarantee great results and increased confidence for your big day.
Trusted by thousands
Over 30 years teaching experience.
Proven success

You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers.

If you need to know anything else, simply reach out!
Can I come to a group class if I've never danced before?

Certainly! We cater for all levels. If you're worried about this, we recommend booking a private lesson beforehand.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we'll typically offer a discounted rate for people who have purchased packages for any follow up lessons.

What's inluded in the full wedding routine

10 Hours worth of Private Lessons

A fully choreographed routine to a song of your choosing.