Date Night Dancing

Want to Spice up your Life and Struggling for date night ideas?
How about surprising your partner and learning to dance together?
Date night dancing is designed for couples to add romance and fun to their evenings. Enjoy easy-to-follow dance lessons from the comfort of your home, perfect for special events or quality time together.
With a one-time purchase and the ability to learn dance moves to your favourite music, it's ideal for all experience levels, making every night a memorable date night. Experience the joy of social swing, ballroom dancing, Latin dancing, Club and even Country dancing, all tailored for a perfect date night.
Date Night Dancing Ideascouple dance lessons

Over 25% of Couples First Learnt to Dance on Date Night!

This program is based on a very popular in-home wedding dance lessons series, based on a social swing dance where we teach cute couples like yourselves easy, flirtatious dance steps.
Once you've got those down, you can mix and match them into all kinds of suave routines again and again.
Our dance video lessons cover a variety of styles including swing dance and social swing, ensuring you have a blast while learning a new dance trick.
Couples learning to dance date night dance ideas

What to Expect on Date Night

You'll be learning some cool moves & then social choreography set to your own favourite songs and playlists.
No more awkwardly trying to vibe with music you can't stand. Just you two lovebirds getting your groove on to the tunes you adore.
Next time you go to a summertime outdoor music event you can blow them off the dance floor with your new cool dance trick.
No dance experience needed
Dance to any music, anywhere, anytime
Each Volume - One-time purchase
Couples learning to ballroom dance for date night
Any Level
4 Hours
Date Night Dancing Package
Dance lessons for couples from the comfort of your own home. Perfect for beginners, weddings, or rekindling romance. One-time purchase for lifetime access per volume.
$ 80.00 AUD

You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers.

If you need to know anything else, simply reach out!
How do I book?

You can book online just click Book Now or Add to Cart

What type of music & dance styles should I expect?

Dance to anmy music, all your fave classics, the styles can vary from genres from Latin, Ballroom, Country, Swing  & Club music.

For example you can dance our Club style Swing to the same music you dance Hustle, Cha Cha, Samba, Modern Jive, East Coast Swing, Country Two Step, Night Club Two Step, West Coast Swing & more.

What will I learn?

This program is based on very popular in-home Wedding dance lessons series, where we teach cute couples like yourselves easy, flirtatious dance steps.
Once you've got those down, you can mix and match them into all kinds of suave routines again and again and impress your friends next time you go clubbing.
It's s cost-effective, enjoyable new way to have fun together, discovering the art of how to Club Swing - right at home in your own lounge room.

Grab a glass of wine and let's get started. It's easy to learn for any level and the 2 left or 2 right feet people.

Where do I watch the lessons?

You have access 24/7 on any device anywhere, stuck at an airport, pull out your tablet or mobile device, click on the link and off you go.

How long is the Video?

The videos are broken down into chapters for ease of learning, they are 45 minutes long and you can watch them at variable speeds.

How long does my subscription last?

Once you make the purchase you receive a link the your video, and you have a lifetime subscription to the level you purchase.