Group West Coast Swing Classes

Join Our Professional Instructor-Led Modern/West Coast Swing Lessons with Shane and Keri!
Experience the thrill and challenge of our group lessons, ranging from beginner to advanced levels, all in one evening.
Dance with a diverse group of enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels, sharing their passion and knowledge.
Together, we'll explore routines and foundational techniques that make Modern/West Coast Swing one of the most captivating and popular dances worldwide.
Every Wednesday: 6:30PM Teenagers 
7:30PM - 10:00PM All Ages
THE LOFT 2F - SMI Building

545-549 Kingsway, Miranda NSW
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Becoming a Social Dancer - for All Levels

Boost Your Confidence and Enjoy the Fun of Social Dancing!
Our group lessons with Shane and Keri are designed to transform you into a confident social dancer.
By practicing with a variety of partners, between classes you'll quickly gain the skills and poise needed to dance comfortably in any social setting.
The shared experience of learning and dancing with people of all ages and abilities creates a lively and supportive environment, making each session not just educational but incredibly healthy and a whole lot of fun.
Join us and discover the joy of dancing with many wonderful people!
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What to Expect on the Night

We'll guide you through 3 segments throughout the evening.
As the weeks progress, you'll confidently advance to level 3 classes.
Our supportive environment helps you feel comfortable in class, building the confidence you need for social dancing during breaks.
With the help and guidance from your instructors and classmates, you'll be ready to join our monthly dance parties for even more enjoyment of social dancing for years to come.
Building Blocks for any level even the new dancer
Level Up - Taking your basics to a more skilful fun level
PlayTime - Learning to put your dance moves and music
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Lesson Packages

We offer single and packaged deals:
Single Session Group Class
4 Weeks of Group Classes
12 Weeks of Group Classes
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Group West Coast Swing Dance Packages

Any Level
2 Hours
Single Group Class
Valid for the month. Choose any week.
$ 30.00 AUD
Any Level
8 Hours
4 Weeks of Group Classes
Valid for 4 weeks from the first class you come to.
$ 100.00 AUD
$ 120.00 AUD
Any Level
24 Hours
12 Weeks of Group Classes
Valid for 12 weeks from the first class you come to.
$ 250.00 AUD
$ 360.00 AUD

What Music Do You Dance to in West Coast Swing?

From Top 40’s to RnB to Hip Hop or even Blues, this dance is perfect to inspire you to have fun, get your mojo and find your groove to the music you love the most. If you cannot stop tapping your foot or swaying to the music you hear on the radio, this is your opportunity to learn how to dance to those beats.
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What Is West Coast Swing aka Modern Swing?

West Coast Swing is a popular partner dance that originated in the United States. Known for its smooth and contemporary style, West Coast Swing is characterised by its elastic connection between partners and adaptability to a variety of music genres, including blues, rock, pop, hip hop, and R&B. Unlike other swing dances, it is danced in a slot rather than a circular pattern.

This dance features a range of patterns, footwork, and improvisation, making it a versatile and creative partner dance enjoyed by people of all ages. West Coast Swing emphasises musical interpretation and connection, making it a top choice for social dancers and competition enthusiasts alike.

Key features of West Coast Swing:

Enjoyed globally, West Coast Swing continues to grow as a social and competitive dance, bringing people together through its unique style and inclusive nature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about our group west coast swing classes!
When should I begin lessons?

You can begin lessons anytime. If you’re ready we recommend you begin as soon as possible.

How do I book? 

You can book online or in person for the following three options:

1. Single Class
2. One Month of Classes
3. Three Months of Classes

How should I prepare for my first class?

Watch this video short for great tips on how to prepare for your first class.

Do I need a partner?

A partner is not required to take group classes or private lessons.

Our Leaders & Followers rotate throughout classes which means everyone gets an opportunity to dance with everyone else in class.

What are the three class levels?




What is involved in the Building Blocks Class?

This class is open & recommended for all levels.

Building Blocks Class will teach you the independent movement, pitch, rhythm, direction, figures & connection which will be the foundations to your partner dancing.

Followed by an open dance practice, social session.

What is involved in the Level Up Class?

Level Up Class will focus on more complex partnering, honing your connection & improving on the elements studied in our BUILDING BLOCKS class.

It's recommended to speak with instructors to see if you're ready to level up!

What is involved in the Play Time Class?

Must have a good grasp of your Pushes, Passes & Whips.

This class will expose dancers to higher level concepts & delve into more of the intricacies of improv & creation.

Followed by an open dance practice, social session.

It's ideal to begin this class at the beginning of the month.

It's recommended to speak with instructors to see if you're ready.

What will I earn?

You'll learn the basics of this dance, simple patterns, connection, movement, counting music and fundamental footwork of this versatile dance style.

Honing your skills and growing into the appreciation of how to have fun with West Coast Swing and moving through each class level as you improve in confidence to become a skilful social dancer.

What can I do with my new skills?

Once you have completed the West Coast Swing classes you can be confident in other activities such as social dance parties or possibly even compete at an event.

Believe us, the experience of being a part of globally the fastest growing dance style is truly something special. When you have completed your class, don’t forget to come chat to us and let us know how you feel and anything else we may be able to help you with.

What if I want to get better faster?

Private west coast swing lessons are the fastest way to get better.

Combine that with social dancing and you'll be confident and crushing it in no time.