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What Is Health & Fitness?

Healthy stay fit classes, live longer be ‘Happy’

At ShaneKeriDance we offer a different experience, a more personal touch is put on all of our lessons, but none more than our get healthy private 1-2 people, small groups 1-4 and our very popular seniors classes. We hold them in various locations from in our home studio, your home, a  dance studios and seniors living.  Where ever you are situated you have the privacy to work with your instructor and go at a pace that suits you or the group. We can help and guide you with getting more fit, steadily increasing cardio, helping you limber up so can you move more freely and sleep better at night, we can give some simple resistance exercises with thera bands or the pilates reformer, all in a nice steady pace in a 45-55 minute class, all classes are run with nice subtle music to help keep you relaxed and create a nature positive flow. 

The Classes.

There are many forms of exercise that go hand in hand with all the various types of dance, stretch, yoga and music that give a really positive and major health benefit to doing the dance fitness classes, it is a proven fact that movement and music is not only one of the most natural and tribal activities a human can engage in but it keeps us youthful and healthy and dance actual helps fight depression and anxiety. 

During a class will do activities that are a form of rhythmic dictation, things like stretch & strength classes, breathing, building good core strength and working those pelvic floor muscles, getting the most out of our kegel exercises, taking one on one movement and mobility sessions to music while learning more about your body to help you stay fit and healthy, a real a must, especially as we start to age or if we have been involved in an accident and need to start working on our motor skills again, dance is a great low impact activity to get you moving more freely and confidently again and music is the subtle motivator.  

Dance and music are one of the most stimulating activities you can partake, dance creates the total feelgood stuff that makes us feel warm and fuzzy. What actually happens by dancing we get a release of endorphins, these endorphins such as oxytocin (the more the happier we get & serotonin get you relaxed, at ease, happy to be here, our natural drug getting us healthy and fun all at the same time.  

A Home Class working on these qualities will certainly help you build your body back to a similar way it used to be or you want it to be. With highly experienced trainers you can take a private class to suit your individual needs and level of experience, we tailor all classes to your personal goals and requirements, it really is a great Class for staying Healthy and Fit and a rewarding experience.

For the more serious dancer, if you are looking to take dance up a notch, take it to another level or want to compete, understanding movement and music, then combining those skills will vastly improve your timing and skillset and also make you much stronger, and gain more flexibility for a much higher quality of movement .

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