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Now the John Dory is an easy one, I’m not talking about how ripped you are when it comes to six packs.  In actual fact if you listen to the advice I am offering you blokes that 

guy with the ripped six pack will be scratching his head as to why all the girls are telling him why YOU are so dreamy.

Before I waffle on a quick point to be made… Music, we all listen to it, don’t we?  Music Festivals currently in Straya are more popular than anywhere in the world today.  Country festivals are huge here in the bush, now, so it only makes sense to follow what I am suggesting and you’ll do a Bradbury for sure, next time you are on a night out.

This is where you have to trust me because in the beginning most blokes think I am pulling the wool over their eyes when I try and explain how learning to dance turns you into a spunk.  Most blokes are like “On ya’ bike, Mate”.  Well I am hear to tell you when I get on my bike to hit the frog and toad it’s with my hot Yank Sheila who I met dancing. You only have to look at this photo, all the Sheilas are young & looking for a bloke to dance with.

Now, being fair dinkum:  You’re gunna need to have a go, ya’ mug, and before you start having a whinge “that dance is for wimps”. Just listen to what I am saying and be aware you will need to have a good old fashioned crack at it because you aren’t going to be Paul Mecurio after day one… but it’s well worth the hard yakka, I know this to be ridgy didge and it’s no secret Sheilas love blokes who can dance, it’s time to stop avoiding the obvious.  

What I am offering you bludgers is an easy way to learn a rugged man’s dance style (that’s right, rugged!)  Fun and you can still hold your stubby.  Yep, if it’s done right the sheila will hold it for you… Ripper, he says! 

We will teach you bastards how to dance like nobody’s watching so you can chat to these sheila’s without even trying.  You are a shoe in to meet more broads and all simply because the sheila’s are coming over to say g’day to you.  It’s a piece of piss I’m telling you.  You would have to be a few Kangaroos loose in the top paddock not to listen, Mate.  I reckon you will be so stoked with yourself after a few lessons and you will be hooked or good.

Now there is one rule, though, and it’s a pretty simple one. Providing you don’t carry on like you’re a galah all will be shmick… no yobbo’s… there are ladies present at dance.

You know, as time goes on your mates are going to be asking you why you’re shooting through from the rubbity dub so early and whats with the shandies.  You’ll be like “See you round like a rissole!” because you’re keen as mustard to go dance.  No time to shoot the breeze with those knuckle heads ay.

Now I am being fair dinkum with you so trust me when I say it’s WELL worth the effort and on a side note when looking at our animal instincts we’re ruled by animal magnetism & endorphins, yeah?  Well Dancing can say a lot about a person, for example woman see men that dance as more sexy and if you move with confidence and take care of her on the dance floor she sees you as a possible partner, starting the get the picture.

Anyway, check out this video because we are telling it how it is.  You will be a shoe in to win the attention of all the sheilas at the next Country Festival in Toowoomba… After all “real” men dance and you might just end up being known as the thunder from down under. 

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