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What to Look For When Hiring a dance instructor in Sydney

The best 10 minute investment for dance lessons in Sydney, read this article find your instructor to learn to dance or hiring a dance teacher for your wedding dance!.

 So it’s time to book the Dance instructor for your big day, one of the most important days of your life, your wedding, your first dance. You start worrying about booking a lesson for your first Dance because it’s getting close, you feel like there isn’t enough time, where will you find the right instructor in Sydney on short notice, or do you just book the first one that comes up on the web? Yes Many times the studio is literally more interested in the booking, then giving you off to an inexperienced teacher, non professional. 

A good dance instructor/studio should be focused on what they can create or do for your special day. Naturally for you being prepared is your best bet… 

How can you tell the difference between studio A & B:

  • Finding a Professional Dance Instructor: one who is going to take into account all your requirements and make your dance special, a first dance that becomes the most talked about wedding bridal dance for years to come.

Here’s a pretty foolproof way of ensuring you choose the dance instructor your big day.

1: Check their website and read their reviews, not just the first 2 or 3, skip a few ? When choosing the dance instructor, taking the time to read a few reviews will help you understand what other people think, for example: look for keywords about ShaneKeriDance and their students experiences in the reviews:  

Phrases such as; 

We can not recommend this amazing couple enough for wedding dance lessons. 

Had a great experience with Shane learning our first dance for our wedding. He took two people with two left feet and made us comfortable and our guests impressed! Highly recommend for anyone who wants more confidence on a dance floor of any type!

Fantastic ,fun and wonderful friendly place to learn to dance and prep for your first dance.

Thank you for igniting my love of country dancing. amazingly welcoming, great teachers with plenty of Time to give you tips and advice. can’t wait for next week…

We can not recommend this amazing couple enough.

Thankyou very much for your dance lessons, we are feeling great about our wedding dance, I will send you an email discussing additional lessons once you get back from our honey, we want to keep dancing

Good reviews can tell you a lot about your instructors 

2: Do they have any wedding dance videos to look at?

Whilst this may seem like duh!, but sometimes you forget to look at their actual work, and you don’t need to know what they have taught, just look and see if it looks fun, engaging, or that it’;s something you feel you would like for your first dance 

3: Is there any Video footage of the instructors dancing

As professionals  “it is their job to perform well”, this is not always the case. Whilst you may think you are looking to hire the most professional person on the planet when discussing your first dance, their dance performance shows not only skills and knowledge, but character and personality. If you like their styles of dancing you will almost definitely like their choreography for you.

4: Are you aware of any awards they have as Dance teachers

Check their Bios and see what they have achieved, it’s well worth the 10 minutes to check

If the answer is Yes to any of these questions, then maybe you are on track for a great bridal dance.

3: Do they offer discounts bulk packages, multiple lessons?

Whilst a discount may seem great in your eyes you have to look at it from the other side of the coin. A Dance instructor that is willing to offer huge discounts or free lessons may not be what you are looking for! What is free today? Are they trying to lure you in. 

If they have pricing to view online & different packages available to choose from you are on the right track. 


Follow these steps, be patient, call and talk to in person if you are not sure as a final decision maker, send an email or text message if you have  a question.

You should be able to see everything you need in their website and book online 

A good business model today is one that is OK with showing their pricing 

A good website has the right content that help walk you through the process of ordering your wedding lessons in Sydney

Everything should be accessible online from Gift certificates, private lesson packages and  contact details.

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