spotify-logo-shane-mcintyreWhat is Best Ways to Discover Weddings songs, Romantic Music? It’s Spotify

Choosing your wedding song can be a little daunting at times, there are so many love songs out there and it’s not easy to find them amongst all the regular music, you also don’t want to use the song your best friend danced to, so you start to create this long song list that takes forever, STOP because we have done it for you the best wedding song list for your First Dance.

Also there’s No need to worry because once you choose a song we teach every style of partnered dancing allowing us to create and tailor a bridal dance to suit a classic love song to a more modern Ed Sheeran or Country song. 

Simply go to our Spotify list it’s a great place to discover new music when looking for that romantic or wedding first dance song. Even if you don’t know what you should be listening to or where to find that special song. After all, not only do we have a huge song list Spotify has millions of songs and playlists to go through if you have the time.

Browsing on Spotify

It’s not that difficult, it’s all about using the right search technique, using keywords like (above) . We are then just talking time, it can be quality time too, so now it becomes a matter of taste for your music choice. I mean the hardest part in finding the right music is to be patient enter a few keywords, if you are looking for a specific year add the year at the front of your search title (2019 best weddings songs) and sit together with a nice cold glass of wine and listen, it might even spark some romance.

Many playlists are created based on exactly what you need for your situation with a huge variety and are less artists centered so be specific adding at the front of the title Year 2017, Best, Romantic, artist, Genre. Spotify is divided into 5 parts (Overview, Charts, Genres & Moods, New Releases, Discover, Concerts) which provide unique way to offer massive libraries.

Tips to finding good music:

  1. Play Spotify radio based on a romantic track you already like, you can leave the album/playlist to continuous play, which will play similar songs for you.
  2. Go to the artist profile and find the songs by that fave artist 
  3. You could also Connect SoundHound to Spotify so you can add songs you enjoy on the go while searching for the right song.
  4. Search for a mood in Spotify. It’s more likely that some people already thought about weddings, romance, first dance.
  5. Here are some great keywords to use when looking for your choice of  wedding music. – Wedding songs, First Dance songs, waltz songs, Romance songs, Romantic songs, Timeless love songs, Romantic music ensembles, Best romance spotify playlist, the best love songs, Beautiful love songs,

Spotify also provides a Top 50 song list and a Viral 50 songs list for each country where Spotify is available, again make sure you type in a keyword like top 50 Romantic songs to help your search. You can also search on Genres & Moods or choose different categories, like Hip Hop Pop, EDM, Hip Hop, Country, Blues, Funk, Reggae, and Soul all in all 25 genres where there are hundreds of playlists for your perusal.

With the New song Releases Spotify updates its library every day so its as current as it can be. All music is organized by album or artist, so just click on the albums or singers which present themselves to you and you will find new all kinds of new music that is updated on each Friday. If you plan far enough ahead you can spend an hour or so listening and get the update weekly.

Discover Weekly on Spotify

Refreshes playlists on each Monday and is great for looking for new music that is recommended to you. The more frequently you use Spotify the more it understands your tastes or needs.  Discover weekly contains 30 tracks recommended in accordance with music preferences and popularity, but also explores some less popular music. Discover Weekly will know more about your tastes and preferences if you use Spotify frequently. It means that the more music you listen to, the more new music will be recommended and discovered.

Social Media and Spotify

Spotify has a great social feature to discover new music, by browsing your Friends you can link up with them on Spotify and view their playlists and maybe find a great song there, or you may know a friend who had a great song and you want that artist. To do this just click the “Follow” button and subscribe to any playlist you like. Once you follow your friends or even an artist you will be able to see all their songs.

Don’t forget you can also connect Spotify with Facebook for sharing and grow your connections and list for more opportunity.

Choosing your wedding song can be daunting, there are so many love songs out there, it’s easy to create a long song list, but it can be hard to decide which will be the wedding song for your First Dance.

The good news is that we teach all styles of partnered dancing, plus we can also create and tailor make a bridal dance to suit classic love songs through to quite eclectic tastes, so that leaves your song options wide open if you are having your wedding dancing lessons with us.

Choose your song to suit your personalities and to reflect the mood of how you want to dance your First Dance whether you like love songs or other popular music. We teach traditional styles of Bridal Waltz daily (they are still the most popular), we’ve taught all the Latin dances as a First Dance, and then a weird and wonderful assortment of funky dances, hip hop, disco, bollywood, polka, dirty dancing, pulp fiction styles, even heavy metal.

You can even create a mix of 2 or 3 songs for your bridal dance, start traditional and then merge into something funky and fun.

As a general guide, especially when you have not danced before, it is helpful to know that the speed of the wedding song can determine how easy or hard it is to learn your dance. Very slow music requires more skill to make it look interesting and graceful, very fast music can be harder to learn simply because it takes more skill to move comfortably at speed.

‘At Last’ (Etta James or Beyonce version) is a classic love song that is slow and romantic yet easy for beginners to dance to. Slower than this is not a wise choice for beginners.

‘Pretty Little Thing Called Love’, ‘Save The Last Dance For Me’ and ‘Sway’ by Michael Buble are faster paced love songs and easy for beginners dancing. Faster than these songs is inadvisable for beginners. 


At the end of the day however, it is YOUR wedding, YOUR wedding song, YOUR First Dance, so be as traditional, contemporary or creative as you want with your wedding song list, we’ll back you up all the way whatever your choice of song and of course, we’ll assist you with choosing your wedding song if you need guidance.

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