West Coast Swing KirraweeWhat is Dance Really?

One of the truly amazing things about dance is it’s yours, all yours, individually or as a couple, sometimes at the same time and sometimes separately, remind you of anything? Let’s face it dance is a 3 to 3.5 minute relationship and you want to make the most of it and it’s not that hard to do (topic for later).

Naturally one of the factors revolves around always being respectful to each other just as we would in everyday life, but you sure can have a moment when dancing with another person.  Every dance is special in its own way and sometimes special in a different way each time you dance, even if it’s with the same person, that’s one of the big attractions to dance, that ‘moment’ everything connects, you, your partner you both connect to the music and each other and bam! Goose bumps on the back of the neck, or something that makes you go wow, it keeps you coming back for more. I feel sorry for people that don’t take the time to learn to dance, because to miss out on these amazing moments is hard to put into words. I’m not talking about you needing to be a professional dancer, it happens in people’s first dance lesson, especially if they have the right instructor guiding them to enjoy and have fun with the experience.

Sexy Dance It just keeps getting better from then on out, after all you are the one in the moment, during that song, creating your own version of movement. Here are a few verbs to help describe what dance can you you if done right, Joy, excitement, playful, slow, fast, musical, beautiful, sexy, gratitude, seductive, connection, floating, or any emotion you are feeling you at that given time , it maybe sparked by the lyrics or the guitar, it is really whatever you are hearing and feeling through the connection at that moment in time, and it’s even more special when you share it with someone another human.

Nobody can tell you what to really expect or to get out of dance but those verbs all come into play at some time during those 3 minutes.  

10 things to guarantee dance when looking for Dance Studio or Instructor 

When choosing an instructor there are qualities that guarantee a great lesson, it’s not just about knowledge, yes thats a big one but there is much more to a great dance instructor, check out these top 10 tips that point to finding a great dance teacher.

Close Embrace Attentiveness – Not only is it important to pay attention to the couples needs but the ability to pay attention the the individual during a couple or group lesson, we all learn at a different speed, we have different needs at points during a lesson. A good teacher will read that during the class. 

Patience – the ability to support the students when they are confused and frustrated, dance lessons take time and the teachers should have the skill to be relaxed to help the student when in a more challenging learning curve.  

Good communication skills – this is huge, there is more than one way to shear a sheep so to speak, a good instructor will not only show patience but he or she will have multiple ways of showing and explaining how to achieve a more difficult task.

Knowledge – Teachers have to be problem solvers, what one student finds easy another will find more challenging and if the instructor has good knowledge they will have more than one way to achieve the right result that makes it more clear and easy for the student. 

Sexy Embrace dance

Positive reinforcement skills – Language is everything in a dance class, it’s a very important part of the persuasion when helping a student achieve the steps they are learning, using the right positive language may just push the student across the line. “Something as simple as lets try doing it this way”.

Time management – choosing the correct dance style and degree of difficulty is a big deal, teachers should not promise you will look like Fred Estaire or Ginger Rogers if you have never danced before. Your teacher should spend quality time with students by giving them a more simple dance clean dance rather than to make it difficult by trying to have them look like professionals and the student end up stressed out.

Understand customer needs – learning to dance should be fun, especially if you are learning as a couple, slow and steady wins the race, work with the students ability level and slowly raise the bar for them.

Calm – no matter how many times an instructor has to repeat themselves, the student is there to learn and it’s up to the instructor to work out a way of teaching the student how  dance. Some people are auditory, some are visual or Kinesthetic and some are all 3, good dance teachers have the ability to use all 3.  

Goal orientated – know how to set realistic goals for the student and yourself, don’t push a student to breaking point, one lesson the student may be a genius and pick up steps really fast the next lesson they may just spend time revisiting the previous lesson and that’s OK.  

Tenacity – Call it what you will, but a great work ethic and a willingness to understand students needs (and not take shortcuts) is a key skill when providing the kind of dance instruction service that people talk about. The lesson should be as memorable as their big day when performing their first bridal dance ( one which will have a huge impact on the rest of their lives).

Close sexy dancing


A great instructor has all these skills to guarantee a perfect lesson for you thats Why ShaneKeriDance is the right place for your dance lessons.

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