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Wedding dance lessons – Your first dance

ShaneKeriDance are invested in you, your partnership and your dance journey, all the way up to the big day of your bridal dance.

We believe that your first dance is meant to be a significant and meaningful part of your wedding, a demonstration of your love and partnership. It should be a romantic highlight of your wedding, not something to cause undue stress and anxiety.

We will ensure that your dancing experience will be something to draw you together in partnership leading up to your wedding day and be prepared for your bridal dance.

We want you to have the best wedding experience possible by helping you create a memorable, fun and exciting first dance. Our attention to detail and years of experience in choreography will ensure your first dance is as unique as you are, and equally memorable. 

Dance lessons are a great way to challenge and expand your partnership as a couple. Through dance you will learn how to communicate with each, how to listen to each other, and how to collaborate together in a shared learning experience towards a common goal.

We hope that your dance experience will grow you as a couple and strengthen you in the testing times of planning a wedding together.

In your lessons, you’ll experience a nurturing & supportive atmosphere which puts even the newest dancers at ease. We encourage the best results from our wedding couples while offering a warm and positive environment to help foster a great experience.

Our particular brand of instruction breeds success on your special day, which stems from spending years teaching and understanding the needs of wedding couples and bridal parties. You deserve a First Dance to remember. Let us help you achieve your best!

We have the skills and the know how to take the stress out of your first dance. We can offer song recommendations for a variety of first dance styles (It doesn’t have to be Waltz!) as well as a flexible teaching arrangements that can include video lessons, in home lessons and more to work around you and your wedding plans. 

​Don’t leave it to the last minute and make it a scary activity, get in early, take your time and learn how to be a great Lead or Follow. 

Bridal Party Dance Classes

How well does your awesome bridal party know each other? What a fun way to start your relationship building with your bridal party dance lessons before the big day. Get your bridal party together for some dance lessons before your big day. We can choreograph a routine, or simply help you learn some basic steps. 

Whatever you have in mind, here at ShaneKeriDance we can make your dreams a reality for your special day.

Dance is something that you can continue to do as a couple for the rest of your lives. A healthy activity that you can engage in together as both a mutual interest and escape from daily life. When you need a break from work, kids, chores, study, family etc. dance can be a shared outlet to de-stress and unwind,  it’s like day dreaming with your feet.  Dancing can be a great way to socialise with other couples whist developing your skills and physical health. If you have a date night you can actually get up and wow the rest of the restaurant or bar when the mood strikes right.

Consider attending some of our weekly dance classes at one of our locations across Sydney to get a taste of the dance styles and fun possibilities for your first dance, you can then continue your dance journey with us when you get back from your honeymoon!

Need help creating an amazing & unforgettable memory for the most important day of your life? We recommend Wildflower: 

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