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Many dancers spend hours learning cool dance moves and footwork but they forget about timing. To look great and to be in sync with the music, your dance partner or partners and really create a great dance or moment int he dance you need. 1. good rhythm, this means better timing, 2. quality of movement, this allows for better timing 3. A start and a finish, an action coming from somewhere to go somewhere, this helps your movement.

These things are allowing us to fill the space much better in the music, to look more polished and has you creating an action that looks like what you here in the sound of the music.

After all EVERY SONG has a specific beat that pulses and EVERY DANCE STYLE has a specific beat that pulses and we want to be filling the space/ sound correctly.  

Imagine if you are out of sync just a fraction of a beat or didn’t hold long enough and 1 of you has a bent knee while the other 2 have straight legs, critical timing

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