1. Why take Dance Lessons? 
  2. Should dancing be hard to learn?
  3. How do I know what dance style to choose?

I know learning to dance can feel like a big step for some people, in reality it’s a pure adrenalin rush. Not matter the gender my experience it’s definitely fun for all ages and genders especially under the correct guidance. 

Dance is actually a lot of fun and very rewarding once you take the plunge, it is one of the most enjoyable, enlightening and life changing experiences you can par take in.  It brings so much joy and happiness to the body, mind and soul all at once.

Why take dance lessons?

The top 6 most common reasons people take lessons are:

  1. Meet new people
  2. Wedding, first dance including father – daughter or mother – son dances
  3. Bucket list, always wanted to learn to dance (don’t wait)
  4. A friend encourage them and aren’t you lucky they did
  5. I want to be better at dancing (raise your level of dance skill)
  6. I want to become a competitive dancer

What a new students wants to know about classes 

  1. Should I do Group or Private lesson first
  2. How much does it cost
  3. Will it help improve your health
  4. Will it Improve communication skills

Now is as a good a time as any so I say jump right in and go for it, the learning curve is not so difficult if you have the right instructor. If you are new to dance the right instructor will help you choose your music and match the correct dance style to the music so learning becomes more within your comfort level.

When choosing an instructor get to know them a little, whether it be by email, phone or in person.  Engage in discussion about where they teach, how many styles of dance they teach, are they full time professional instructors, are they trained dancers (note: a good dancer doesn’t always make a good coach), ask how long have they been teaching and even why do they teach dance.  Find out if they go out social dancing with you and how often.

Even ask them what is their favorite style for example West Coast Swing, Night Club 2 step, Country 2 step, Hustle, Salsa, Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap, Waltz, Rumba.

Check out there website and read up on them and what they do, you really want someone who cares and want to help you. Check out their reviews on their site and especially on Google, Face Book or even Bing, Yahoo or Yelp.

If you are unsure but think you want to still give it a try just purchase one lesson to start and if you then choose to stay with that instructor they choose pro rate that lesson with any future lesson if you choose to buy a package.

Pricing can be a factor when looking for lesson but do remember Free does not always mean good, you are looking for quality instruction you get what you pay for.

Should dance be difficult to learn or too hard?

Not so much, I feel maybe it’s a question of is it intimidating because of the unknown or if you have had a bad experience maybe you chose the wrong instructor. My opinion is firstly just go with the attitude of having fun and be prepared to be able to laugh at yourself as much as you can someone else, it keeps you relaxed and remember to breathe. If you find the right instructor they will be able to tailor the lesson around you or your group to help you learn.

If you are a little nervous to put yourself out there ins a group class environment take a couple of private lesson first , some one on one will really help you assimilate to your new activity to gain confidence to join some social dance classes.

With the help of the right coach dancing is actually fun and a great stress reliever, you will meet new friends and quickly feel really comfortable with were you are in the dance and gain confidence to be able to appreciate the satisfaction of being able to dance regardless of your level.  We all have to walk before we can crawl.  

I would also recommend setting long term goals, don’t try to master the dance to early, enjoy the ride.  Your teacher should be able to help with these goals and don’t be afraid as you become better to revisit the basics every now and then.  As you grow in dance make sure your instructor is able to keep up, but bare in mind sometimes you will have several instructors thorough your dancing life.

How do I know what dance style to choose?

I think one of the great ways to help make choosing a dance easy is to have an open mind, don’t try to master it in a week and let the music be the motivation behind the style you choose. What music makes you want to move, this will help you find your mojo your groove more easily while learning.  The key to dance is fun and your instructor should be helping you have fun along the way.

Stick at the style you choose as it might feel slow going for a while but once you get over the hump you are off and running.  If a friend recommends a dance style then ask do they do a single lesson before you commit to multiple lessons.  If you find a good connection with your instructor you are well and truly on to having a great experience.


Dance has a lot of benefits from improved physical health improved Self-Esteem, just like when you workout or exercise dancing releases endorphins to heighten you emotionally allowing you to express more positive feelings, helping eliminate any stress and anxiety.  Dance is an extremely healthy outlet even to the point of helping decrease depression and alzheimer’s, dance actually makes you smarter making, SOUND body Sound Mind.  Some of the best experiences Keri & I have had with dance is working with people who have some type of disability, from sight impairment, someone who has been in an accident and needed to work on motor skills, working with people with hearing loss and so on.

Learning a nonverbal communication skill and expressing your emotions through music and movement is extremely rewarding and fun especially doing it with a partner, after reading this blog and you are now aspiring to dance or interested in taking your dancing to a level up and or enjoy all the benefits that dance can provide contact ShaneKeridance.com.

Feel free to respond or add any comments, I am sure this topic could go on forever, these are juts some of my personal experiences as a professional. 

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