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There is a wide variety of dance styles available online, especially great for people who can’t make class every week. Some people like to indulge in online classes until they become confident enough to join group classes, some schools only offer more advanced high-level complicated group classes which require lots of training.

In contrast, line dancing is completely online is a different thing because it teaches you basic footwork and how dancers can move their bodies at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home.

If you want to learn line dancing but don’t have time to get enrolled in studios and physical classes, this is the perfect online website with a wide array of fun line dancing courses.

Our website has been offering line dancing courses for a long time now; the courses start from your very simple basics, slowly moving you into progressive courses in which the students can easily learn their way up to the advanced moves that set your lounge room dancefloor on fire.

The lessons are specialized line dancing courses available right here where students can learn our popular line dancing steps in the integration of styling. All the courses are designed to offer a comfortable level of dancing.

Our specialized courses teach basic line dances while learning the counts and types of steps. Overall, Shane Keri Dance is an amazing website, offering organized and well-integrated courses designed by professional dancers to help you learn the dancing moves! Line dance classes are for everyone, the music and movement combined with great energy and the online atmosphere is like no other, classes are designed for any skill level even the brand newbie. We will teach several very popular line dances throughout the classes, you only need to move at the speed that is comfortable for you.

The thing about online lessons, you won’t have to commute to a studio to learn cool moves. If you want to learn the latest in line dancing, Shane Keri Dance is an exceptional website that has been designed with a wide range of dancing lessons that teach basics as well as complex moves.

The demand for line dancing lessons is increasing with each passing lockdown and isolation day, we are always adding new lessons to enhance the learning experience, helping you rock the dancefloor wherever you go.

There are many specialized video lessons through which students can learn, have fun like doing dances like the cupid shuffle, hey senorita, or Katchi.

About the Subscription

Online dance classes from the comfort of your own home, access to all the videos whenever & wherever is convenient for you.  Our step by step, comprehensive videos guide you along your way no matter your level of experience.  Expect new moves, musicality, technique & drills, connection & style and even some fancy footwork.  Level up your dance and grow in self-confidence, stay motivated and have fun while learning online.

We have 3 levels of dance to choose from and loads of informative content to keep you going.  

Your subscription covers content for all levels of Dancers from the very Newbie to the Advanced, you can Cancel Anytime.

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