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Today we want to investigate what it takes to move our dancing from merely basic patterns to a full on Mojo on the dance floor, you know dancing to and with the music at the same time I am dancing with my partner. To often we are preoccupied with simply trying to learn and dance cool patterns, which makes it feel like we are in a survival mode on the dance floor, no time to think as you get ready for the next pattern.

If this is how it feels and your’e like, why I am using up so much energy just social dancing? you feel fragmented 

and your mind is in overload, then we are going to be able to help, dancing is designed for you to thrive in the music, be in the moment, be creative through expression of movement, not just burn through dance patterns.

So your New Years Resolution 🎉 is to try new things for dance 💃🕺 

To be successful or to at least improve to a level of real satisfaction we need to be consciously aware of the need for change, a mind set change, vary our thought process for learning your skills, by that I mean start looking at taking alternative dance classes. Go back to go forward if need be.  

To help with the understanding of my point of topic, I am attaching a dance video of Benji Schwimmer and Nicole Clonch from The Open 2018 (formally the US Open Swing Dance Championships) You will have a more clear picture after watching this a few times.  It’s done so well, not just the dancing, the vocals, the piano and the dancing, the 

choreography, wow just mind blowing, what a totally amazingperformance, it has everything, even the emotion of the dance is so spot on.   

Watch and enjoy, if you don’t understand quite yet you will after watching this video, perfection.

Ok so here is the list of things you need to do:-

1. Get help with practice drills from your instructor or online

2. Take a few alternative dance classes, for eg: Modern, Hip Hop, Jazz Ballroom or Country  

3. Do some musicality classes (learn as much of this as possible)

4. Watch this video a hundred times (it won’t hurt)

5. Smile even when it hurts

6. Set realistic goals, take your time, enjoy the journey

Doing these 4 things will not only open up your mind to the endless possibilities but it will expand your knowledge and understanding of the body through movement and time, as well as help you to put it to music the more correct / fun way, it will help with you being more creative and purposeful on the dance floor, hence you will be in a more state of awareness when dancing thus allowing for the “what and when” to do something for both yourself and the person you are dancing with.

As you grow as a dancer you will find it more relaxing to dance allowing more space in your dance both your mind, to think, and in the connection with your partner to allow more creative expression with each other, you will find dance so much more  fulfilling. The more you begin to understand what you are doing on the dance floor the more your partner will start to communicate with you as well, without trying to change too much you will be having a true conversation in the dance, you will have started to undergo a transformation and growth in your dance that will be so rewarding for both lead and follow, it’s addictive.” 

As your dance continues to grow with more balance, wholeness, and expression, it is only natural you will want to help tell others and help those around you to grow by starting to share to more people the joy of dance and how you achieved our goals. Your passion will come through for others to enjoy.

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