I thought this was a great chance to elaborate more on the topic of why we get the very common question about videoing  a dance class, performances, the annual ball as well as recitals.
After all everyone owns a personal mobile device like a phone, tablet or a camcorder, all willing to produce their own dance video, Right!. Before we answer this I will paste an actual question.
Parents Question: Keri, my sis is texting that she’s upset about her son’s dance company not allowing them to video the performance & only having a full 3 hr video avail.  I know there were a bunch of reasons but it’s been too long for me to remember them.  Can you help me let her know the behind-the-scenes view of a showcase?  (Why parents need to pay for video, photo shoot, show tickets). I have my guesses but I’d rather offer her legit info, could you please enlighten me more.
Keri’s (former studio owner) Response: Well the video-ing could be several reasons.  Could be integrity/copyright for choreography… Could be they want to keep the integrity of the Theatre experience & avoid mobile devices being used & distracting from the performance, after all you’re it sitting in a stadium at a sporting event (We’ve had Dad’s streaming games in the middle of shows b4 – super uncool for their neighbours)… Could be their videographer doesn’t charge them to come in & video in lieu of selling a certain number of videos… Could also be they prefer a professional product to be slapped around social media to uphold the quality of their brand… Could be something I haven’t mentioned.  Some Studios permit parents to come in to DR & video there, but not at performance.  As far as Photo Shoot, most Studios don’t require parents to purchase – like us they like to have a representation of each class for studio records & historical reference as well as for those parents who DO want photos (Imagine you want photos of your child’s dance class & you bring your child on time, excited & dressed/ready for their class photo but 3/4s of the rest of the class doesn’t show & didn’t call or let the Studio or teacher know. Not only are you as a parent disappointed, but think of how that child must feel) – purchasing photos is usually optional.  Photo Shoots also serve as a dry run for DR so parents understand how makeup/hair is to be done & costuming faux pas can be fixed such as wrong tights, no bras straps, Suzie’s wearing white socks when everyone else is wearing black & Stevie’s white T-shirt has a Pokémon emblem instead of being plain…. And bangs, don’t get me started on bangs!
Pay attention to the recommendations & requirements set forth by your studio owners & teachers – they are looking out for the best interest of each & every one of their dancers & helping mould them into the best they can be at their special performance.  But, hey, if you think these recommendations don’t apply to everyone then, by all means, keep little Janie’s bangs.
You’ll definitely decide you won’t want the photos or videos because you won’t be able to see the top half of her face since her bangs will cast a shadow from the stage lights. Keep in mind most studios, owners, directors & teachers work photo shoot, DR & Show w/o being paid so you think it’s a pain to get your kid to these things?  It’s a pain for 5-11 ppl to herd all the dancers plus their many times grumpy parents through all these activities for no tangible return.  
Tickets?  Anyone not a Studio owner or Producer has no idea how much the venue costs let alone the lighting tech, sound tech, stage manager, house manager, ushers, security, sets, props, transport, storage, music licensing, insurance, special event license, special event sales license, etc, etc, etc.  That’s not including the expense & time devoted to create original choreography, edit music, lighting & sound ques, create show line ups, a story that attempts to entertain Dads-Brothers-Non Dancers & the thousands of other general tasks (menial & otherwise) that must be organised to produce a show or several shows, as the case may be.  
The ticket price helps offset, many times, simply the venue rental – bring as many friends, family & fools as you can.  Support your local Studio, Artist, Small Business – in this case, all the same. Volunteer where & when you can… Help streamline processes… Rally other parents & be good, positive roll models for them… And thank all the souls who help put this stuff together. They are keeping art in our culture & providing an experience & life skills your children will remember forever.  By the way, thanks for asking… Apparently I have a lot to say on the topic 😂 Hope this help the average person understand a little more about how the dance studio operation works.

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