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Love Finally conquers… a Historic rise into equality for same sex marriage as the Australian Government in the Lower house erupted in ecstatic applause when Parliament finally passed legislation and legalized same-sex marriages.

Australia, we are now an LGBT friendly country!  It’s very obvious where we stand through our national survey on Gay Rights by voting YES & not without trepidation do we have same sex marriages legal as Friday 8thDecember, 2017.

It’s a day of growth within a Nation, a time of respect for all people and walks of life.  We are able and proud to allow everyone to live and exist naturally, no matter their preference…  After all, marriage is a way of showing love and equality and open mindedness for all to live harmoniously.

#MarriageEquality    #LoveHasNoLabels

Same sex couples can openly celebrate their love for each just as other couples have been doing for centuries.

As Specialists ShaneKeridance.com.au have been part of teaching dance for Weddings including the same sex community both across the United Sates of America and Asia for the last 15 years and quickly became synonymous for wedding dance choreography.  We are now proud to say we are available in Sydney, Australia offering the same great opportunity to make your First Dance the most exhilarating part of your wedding celebration and one of the most intimate ways of showing love, friendship and joy.

We want to welcome all happy couples to this amazing experience…  their First Dance…  where we focus on achieving exceptional standards and help the happy couple create a dance to remember, in their own style, on their magical day. 

Shane & Keri are experts in the field of dancing, choreography and providing a unique dance for each individual couple while having fun and enjoying the journey to success.  Your first dance should be one of the most memorable times in your life and we want to help you orchestrate memories to cherish.

That’s why ShaneKeridance.com.au have been the #1 preferred instructors for the last 10 years.  Having a 5 Star rating on Google reviews for Dance lessons Shane & Keri are in demand for their specialty – to choreograph dance lessons for Overseas clients in Asia and all across the United States… and now in Sydney, Australia!


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