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Let’s Dance “Not Why don’t we dance much anymore?” check out the responses I received why people do dance.

We are here to change peoples minds, help them understand dance is fun healthy, very athletic, it’s a real sport and a macho one if you want it to be, it’s sexy, fun playful and extremely stimulating.

But as the generations change in Sydney and we move into each new era, both culturally and in demographic there is always going to be something from the past (we hope not dance) that gets left behind, and looking at the number of people that go out social dancing these days, I am talking Salsa, any Latin and Ballroom, West Coast Swing, Rock n Roll and even the once most popular Aussie dance style Ceroc and Modern Jive, numbers appear to be changing.  Now I am not saying for one minute no one dances anymore, people are still getting married and your first dance is a very important one, after all its one of the ways we show true love for each other, its a celebration so people see a bridal as important, but what about group classes and social dance, as a professional dancer and one who loves the social side of dance, I can tell you that numbers are drastically down from the 90’s and early 2000’s.

Is it the lack of venues, or the lack of exposure, or a mind set dance is not for the jock or tough athlete? What is everyone so scared of.

Once upon a time you would average 80-140 dancers at a midweek dance class, any social dance class and double those numbers for dance parties on a Friday or Saturday night. The ages varied but were consistently anywhere from the mid 20’s – 60’s, now it appears that a small minority of those past dancers are still going strong but class numbers are now 25-50 not 80-140.

We want to change that by taking it to the streets of Sydney, so check out our youtube channel and see what people really think.

We did a survey on dance, we asked simple question do you or have you danced, then why people don’t dance anymore, we also offered a challenge getting them to try a few moves and after speaking with up to a hundred or so men and women from various age groups basically we had a good understanding why they don’t dance anymore, they were scared to look silly and had no-one to do it with, but at least this will help us change the perception of dance. So lets look at the positive first

Reasons people do like to dance

People that are dancing at a school or public venue or studio said they dance because it makes them feel cool or sexy, that their girlfriend wants them to dance (this was a big one), they dance to get in touch with their own body, to meet new people in a safe social environment, to stay healthy and fit, keep active. Some people told me that they only dance when they are on their own, (fear of being seen to look awkward) and for some, they like to dance is a secret, it’s a pleasure that nobody else knows about or gets to see.

The most popular dance styles were Salsa, Ballroom, Modern Jive,Rock n Roll & Bachata. BUT the dance 8 out of 10 people wanted to learn the most was West Coast Swing.

The one common denominator was music and why everyone loves music, it makes them want to move and for a large number of people music played a central role in their reasons for dancing, finding a partner was the second most popular answer and my girlfriend made me was the third, staying active was the forth and all great reasons.

For some dancing is not only a natural response to music, they report feeling compelled to move when they hear certain music or rhythms and they tell me that the act of dancing connects them with the music in a completely unique and special way, especially when its with a partner. People have said when they hear certain songs they have to move and dance, an inner thing, more instinct and this act of dancing helps them feel good. This feeling, and the compulsion to dance, is so strong that, as one man commented, “When I dance I become part of the music and the music becomes part of me” and my partner enjoys the connection we have to each other and the music.

The dance that best connected to the music and your partner everyone responded West Coast Swing is the dance that looks to posses all of the qualities. 

When people connect with music through dancing it can affect their body, their thoughts and their mind. A woman said that she loves to move around and feel the music flow through her body and on to her partner, another implied that she feels wrapped up by the music, dancing makes her feel as though she is “inside” the music at the same time as she is flowing and moving with her partner . There are many more examples we could offer of people being moved by the music and wanting to dance. One very shy young man said he dances because the power and energy of music gives him a sense of flight he feels like he has wings to float away from everyday life and when he does this with his partner the have a special connection to each other. For him the combination of dance, contact and music facilitated an escape from everyday life. Dance does that for you it creates an escape that every other dancer will have because when you dance you don’t have a care in the world, the music and your partner take you away. People often comment that when they dance to certain rhythms they go into a trance-like state where they can only hear the music feel their partner and nothing else in the room matters.

A 35 year old woman said, “I love the additional sense of connection to my partner through the music that I get from dancing West Coast Swing up close with another person, it’s almost erotic but not really, it’s a fantasy. There’s a real sense of being able to hear the music the way that my partner hears it – and to share how I feel and hear the music with that person.”


There are many great reasons why people dance so be smnart and become part of the great and there are lots of reasons why people should dance. In my next blog I’ll outline the reasons people give for being nervous of dancing. If you would like to tell me why you dance, or don’t, please go to my website: and send me a shout out!

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