Dance “confidence” 

How one simple habit will help one to be more prepared for any journey and new learning experience.

It’s not uncommon when people make the leap of faith for something new like learn to dance and when they head into a dance studio or dance community one can feel nervous or not up to the task.

I would love a dollar for every person that came into the studio and said “go easy on me I have 2 left feet”. Naturally my first response is what do you do with all the right foot shoes you have LEFT over, it must be expensive buying to pair of shoes. Always good for a laugh even if the joke is corny.

Sexy confident Embrace for dance

People come to us to prepare for their, or wanting to just learn to dance for the first time, they may have been coming to class for a year & all of a sudden became more serious as a student of dance and want to start performing routines or competing in dance. What ever your reasoning our simple habit will help you prepare for any situation in life.

In reality everyone has the same amount of ability to learn, its just how fast and life itself is not who get to the pine box first, we need to learn to go a steady pace. Just like life DANCE is not race, it’s also a journey, one that can be very pleasant if you just take your time. The more you pace yourself in everything the better mind set you will be in to absorb what’s going on around you, we want to help you to be as relaxed as possible, and to do this you just need to breath correctly (breathing deep), this will help you to just go with the flow even, it feels weird at the time, as a professional dance instructor to help you.

What makes taking on new activities hard is fear, I know most people say they lack confidence when they’re about to step on the dance floor, they feel awkward, they look around the room and think everyone is a pro and how will they ever do those moves.

Dance confidence

The mind is very powerful and can play tricks on you but the breath is even more powerful and will help reverse those crazy thoughts and allow you to achieve a good level of skill each lesson.

We don’t want the mind set having you dealing with a crazy amount of negative thoughts and feelings that aren’t true, because in reality you are just like everyone else in the room, there to learn, have a good time, meet new friends, NOT climb Mt Everest.

In this Blog I want to help you put your focus elsewhere and help make it possible to alter the negative energy and turn it into good energy! Positive energy! Help you use it to your advantage, not just for dance but everyday life and for dance grow in confidence and help you improve all aspects of your dance, and it’s actually pretty simple, trust me its something you do subconsciously everyday but often we overlook the importance of our breath.

This basic drill is “breathing” and doing this correctly will improve your health, keep you more chilled and allow you enjoy whatever activity you are doing more easily as you will be more relaxed and engaged.
In order to breathe correctly there are some minor periods of practice required, like anything you need to do it a few times, understand it (so it becomes subconscious) and then use it to your benefit. Its easy to practice, for example some of the best places to practice is driving to and from the office or while on public transport etc.

This technique is not new and very commonly used in yoga, meditation, high level athletes and dancers use it, most surfers, scuba & free divers and big business people all use this habit.
It’s called “Box breathing” a powerful technique of deep breathing that allows you to take control of the body’s unconscious responses, staying calm in everything you do. Breathing correctly emphasizes control and it only takes a little practice.

You may ask how do I box breath?

Simple, box breathing is done through counts of 4, on both the in and out breath, and holding for 4 counts after breathing in and after blowing out for a total of 16 counts, allowing your automatic nervous systems to maximize the full use of oxygen into the body. You will also need to become aware of your diaphragm so you get the oxygen in past the chest (shallow breathing does not work, it actually has the opposite affect). These days we have the benefit of technology so there are plenty of apps to help you master the technique.

Deep breathing has long been promoted for its health benefits on both the mental and physical body and this is a simple and very effective tool to develop great habits. After all you don’t need to reinvent the wheel as we already use our subconscious mind to automate breathing.

confidence Breathing correctly

Why breathing?

When we are feeling anxious, scared, nervous or lacking confidence our minds just tend to go to negative thoughts, creating anxiety, shallow breathing creating negative thoughts and most of your negative thoughts are just that thoughts, certainly not reality, conscious breathing helps to redirect our thoughts to the deep breathe that creates a calming affect.

The awareness to your breath can greatly enhance your emotional state regulate your automatic nervous system, long deeper (down in the diaphragm) breathes get you to be relaxed, calm and confident, think about it, when you are in a relaxed state your breath is long and deep and with out any effort.

Deep Breathing = More Confidence. It’s more than just being calm and its great for your overall health.
So hop to it download your fave app, too many to recommend just one and start practicing.



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