It’s no secret chicks dig guys who dance!#girlsdigguyswhodance

Why is it men avoid the dance floor like it’s a forbidden fruit?

Attention you Blokes! Women Love Men That Dance, and check out why.

I just finished reading a great article and funny enough before I read the article I would often ask the question why don’t men dance much anymore. I know you are already shaking your melon and asking what is with the crazy obsession with dance in the first place? Couldn’t women just pick something more our style like a week away camping, something macho or like watching footy together? – The answer is Nah!  Or if you want her to watch the footy with you then take her dancing, there are plenty of good dance venues in and around Sydney

Hence the article, I decided to write this article is based on the laws of attraction:

How do we select a partner?

In this article I go into detail about behavioural tendencies that will help clear some things up for the lads. Things like, Yes Woman want a partner that can protect them, a strong man and one who can provide for them, that’s not everything fellas, interestingly enough the real answer to the question of how woman select us men is all about animal instincts and one of the main instincts for woman is about based on reproduction, how they see us as a potential mate.

Do I have your Interest now guys? Yep that’s right I said reproduction.

Cutting to the chase, apparently dancing can help tell one a lot about another person, so when a man dances and a woman becomes more interested it’s simply because you are showing, skill, character, versatility, physical ability and rhythm (rhythm is important), dance shows how comfortable you  are stepping out side the box, one must be very comfortable in their own skin, these are big attractions to the opposite sex.

Dancing is a woman’s real opportunity to check out a potential partner.

Woman notice things like how well you move, how much fun are you having, how polite you are when circulating the dance venue, are you friendly right down to how passive or strong is your lead is when they finally get the opportunity to dance with you?

Although women may appear to be attracted to strong and capable men, some important things to remember go a long way in attracting a partner, things like stamina- smooth leading, physical ability – movement, rhythm – coordination, balance – control.

Confident men are not scared to give dance a go, and trust me you are more attractive than the guy hanging out in the corner drinking too many schooners.

In reality Dance is just another sport or activity like bowling, cricket, golf, footy or lifting weights, lets face it I would rather lift a girl than weights any day. With dance you just need to give it a go, if you look at my last article on confidence there are some tips on how to stay calm and be successful at dancing relatively easy, and it’s all just about breathing .

Woman know its not as natural for us guys to get on the dance floor, so giving it a go are earning big brownie points boys, they don’t care if you are great at dance, more that you give it a go, and not just turning up to say I tried, be patient take your time and enjoy the ride and try to learn with her, you can always take a private lesson to get you going before entering the social dance seen.

If you learn to dance you will quickly understand that if done the right way women give men — even strangers permission on the dance floor to play (nicely) and have fun. After all dance requires you to touch, embrace, sway and even perspire together. Have I got your attention yet boys?

You know if you want to impress a woman its definitely easy on the dance with simple smooth and controlled movement and as you get better with more musicality, that’s impressionable, woman find a man who dances masculine.

After all there’s that old yarn the way you behave and perform on the dance floor equals the way you play in private.

All that being said

1) Dancing is a great skill

2) Dance shows social skills.

3) Dance says you are macho while showing the softer side.

4) Dance is something you can share.

5) Dance fuels fantasy.

6) Dance is a 3minute sweet relationship.

7) Dance allows you to put her on a pedestal.

8) Dance is fun and engaging.

9) Dance is great exercise

10) Dance gives you an endless amount of new friends to meet.


Just an FYI guys, science has found that dance is frequently expressed in a courtship context. Take up dance today and find a new you and meet new friends. #boysdancetwo #girlsdigguyswhodance



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