Dance Routines –

Take it up a notch with a ProAm or Team Routine

 Team & ProAm Routines

Benefits doing a Routine 
* You become a better dancer so much faster working with your Pro for a ProAm or working in team environment your skill will increase rapidly
* When working closely with a Pro or in a team environment you get to work on the essentials for quality performances and social dancing, elements such as timing, teamwork, technique as well as the fun side of dance styling and musicality and lots of repetition repetition repetition which pays off big.
* The more we work to together the better the relationship on all levels as we grow as a couple or a team to better find your personality in dance and take it up another notch for better performance value working on your strengths and improving other areas in your dance
* Gaining in confidence is a big part of becoming a better all round dancer for social and performing routines, please will start to notice you skill and confidence change and start to compliment you.
* I want to start calling anyone a rock star but you will certainly have grown both as a dance and a person physically and mentally. These types of challenges help you gain confidence at home and your work environment as peers start to respect your commitment and effort to your passion “Dance”

Check out one of our videos below from past routines or head to our Youtube Channel ShaneKeriDance to see more videos……….

Team Routine 2019 Fees & Booking Conditions:

Twist Again Modern Jive Routine for 2019 to be performed at the DWAS Ball on June 29th, 2019. “NO PARTNER REQUIRED”

$150 per person (groups can be 3 couples to 10 couples in size)

5 x 2 hour lessons = 10hours, Register by clicking Book Now create your account, click Register for classes and scroll to Twist Again Routine.

ProAm Routines

For ProAms please enquire within for full details, rates are based on level of experience and how many lessons you will require.

Average lessons eg; Beg 8-10, Intermediate 6-8 Advanced 6)

Conditions of all routines: No refunds apply after 1 week before commencement of coaching. Any payments made on the 1st day of routine coaching commencement will attract a $10 late fee.
All dancers learning and performing routines give rights for SKDancers to publish footage of the performance.

To sign up, click the contact us button below… 

Profession – Amateur Routines (Pro Am):

Pro-Am category is where the amateur dancers with their Professional, just as we see on the popular TV show “Dancing With The Stars.”. In this competition only the amateur is judged, leaving the professional dancer free to concentrate on helping you to dance confidently!

One Of Our Recent Team Performances

Teams routines are choreographed where you dance with a particular partner for the majority of the routine with formation changes and some partner changes. Its a lot of fun going through the team building process learning, helping and sharing as you grow in the choreography.

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