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Dance Cruises

With Dance-A-Licious Dance Cruises, embark on the vacation of a lifetime! With all the luxuries and fantasic destinations of a cruise with the added bonus of professional dance lessons from Shane and Keri Dance.

Learn a variety of dance styles while you holiday in style. An excellent social activity for groups and individuals alike! No partner required! Join us at Dance-A-Licious Dance Cruises with Shane and Keri, your professional dance teachers and experienced hosts.

Try our group dance classes, or book a private lesson in a variety of styles, you could even have your wedding dance lessons on your cruise holiday.

A cruise is one of the most exhilarating and diverse holiday experiences, and with Dance-A-Licious Dance Cruises we can offer you even more exicting new experiences. Whether you choose to dance the nights away, have a romantic night off with someone special, meet out for social dinners or tour the ports, this cruise event allows you the freedom to do as much or as little as you like.

Learn something new and fun and spend your nights dancing away with friends old and new. With so many lessons and styles on offer, you’ll be dancing like a pro in no time!


Dance-A-Licious Dance Cruises

Modern Jive, Swing & Country Edition

Dance’n’Play Cruise Sydney – Tasmania

Nov2nd – 8th , 2019

Local Calls:   02 9527 2733 Donna Sheehan 

International Calls:   +61 2 9527 2733

Shane 0401 256 245

Check out our Dance-A-Licious dance demonstration to see what you could learn on your next holiday.

Take a tour of the Pacfic Eden, the beautiful Cruise ship on which you could spend your dancing holiday!

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