Club Dancing

Don’t get the Dancing Phobia – “Do I look awkward? Are people watching and judging me? Should I stop drinking –  Should I drink more? 

If you’re shy about dancing at a club or party, or even in your group classes don’t worry!  We have you covered.

Everyone is capable of moving to a beat, you might just need to get with an Instructor, to help you learn some basic moves to get you started. 

Once you get moving you might even be readt to try some online lessons! Then You can practice in front of a mirror at home then, when you feel ready, take those simple steps to your local nightclub or party, see hhow you feel and start to build that confidence!

I just want to feel good about myself!

Why We Feel the Urge to Dance?

Let’s face it, we all know that deep down there is an inner dance diva who just wants to let their hair down and bust out some moves.  After all, we all love music! Whether alone in our cars, in our bedrooms or for the brave with a group of friends in the local club. We should all feel the urge to move and get our mojo on when the music gets pumping. So let’s get you dancing!

Let us help you enjoy the greatest achievement in self improvement.

Dance Dance Dance, healthy, fun and interactive.

Dancing Today

Dancing is undoubtedly great for the soul but sometimes we become a little self conscious when asked to step on the dance floor.  It’s not exactly part of the Australian culture anymore and most of us don’t think about learning to dance until we are actually confronted with the challenge of keeping time with the music and not looking like we have 2 left feet. 

Then what happens? We just use the excuse: “Oh no, I don’t dance.”, All because of a fear of vulnerability, of humiliation in front of peers. We don’t want to be embarrassed or feeling ashamed.

What You Need To Know

Every month we open the floor up for our Club Dance Parties. Dancers from all skills levels and ages get together for a great night. It’s time to put those skills to practice. If you’re feeling a little under prepared, we’ve got you covered with our Private Lessons or Group Classes. You can see what’s coming up below.

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