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Country Music has grown immensely in Australia over the last 10+ years. This very exciting awareness in country music as created a big growth spurt and it’s mostly due to many of our Aussie artists making it so big in the true blue home of Country/western music, the United Sates of America.

In Australia we literally produce a festival weekly & there are many a great Country Music festival to choose from across the nation, 1000’s of people head bush baby to camp out, eat drink and see their real home grown and American stars strut their country stuff.

Many are asking??? What’s the big deal about country music? Great music means more dancing… Yes MORE dancing! More dancing means more girls. 

Currently when it comes to Country music down under, people think the most of either Line dancing, Square dancing, Schottische & Round dancing, not that they are out dated old school but I can tell you Keri & I (from shanekeridance) 

are now introducing American social Country/Western dance styles across Australia! A style where in American people head out to bars and festivals to social dance and enjoy their favourite music.. True Blue American style dancing, social and fun.

Country Western is not only the most popular social dance in America but with it comes many different dance styles which are danced to all the popular country-western music. For example: With the Country Ballads comes Night Club Two Step… With the Country/Pop crossover comes Rodeo Swing & the ever popular Country Two Step, to name just a few.

Many of these dances became popular in America again with the resurgence of Country Pop and Rock crossover and are danced every night of the week as popular forms of social dance. The complete line up of dances include: Two Step, Triple Two Step, West Coast Swing, Rodeo Swing, Night Club Two Step, Waltz, Cowboy Cha Cha, Polka and East Coast Swing. It just so happens that Two Step and Rodeo Swing couples dances are unique to Country Western dancing.

These informal dance styles are unique & simple because of the dress style. Don your cowboy boots and a cowboy hat, jeans for the gents and short shorts or skirt for the ladies & you’re ready to go. Click on this link to check out where YOU can learn to dance Country dance.

Giddy up Cowboy… We’ll see y’all out on the dance floor!

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